6 March 2023
to be announced

Shared Intentions, Organized Institutions

We cordially invite you to a talk on ‘Shared Intentions, Organized Institutions’, held by Michael Bratman, Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University.


‘Our human agency involves, inter alia, three fundamental forms of practical organization. There is, first, the diachronic organization of an individual’s temporally extended activity. Think about growing food in one’s garden. There is, second, small-scale social organization when people act together in shared intentional / shared cooperative ways. Think about a string quartet. And there are, third, organized institutions such as a neighborhood association, a professional association or a business or non-profit organization. A theory of human action should provide resources that help us understand these multiple forms of human practical organization and their systematic inter-relations.’

Bratman, M. E. (2021). Shared Intention, Organized Institutions. In D. Shoemaker (Ed.), Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility Volume 7 (p. 54). Oxford.


Professor Bratman will give this talk on March 6, 2023 in the afternoon, location and time will be announced soon.