What makes an enterprise social?

Social entrepreneurship is about identifying, developing and using opportunities to solve societal problems in an entrepreneurial and innovative way. The emphasis is on value creation for the society, rather than financial value capture for entrepreneurs and managers.

‘As a social entrepreneur, your first goal is to contribute to a better world using a profitable business model.’

– Niels Bosma, Professor of Social Entrepreneurship

What makes an enterprise social? What is impact and how is it measured? Answers to these topics can be found in this podcast (in Dutch).

Niels Bosma has been appointed as Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the Utrecht University school of Economics as of 1 November 2021. Besides his position as Professor in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, Niels Bosma is Director of Studies at the Utrecht University School of Economics, co-founder and coordinator of the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative and member of the Utrecht Centre for Entrepreneurship.