Acting collectively for change

Tine de Moor, Professor of Social Enterprise and Institutions for Collective Action at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, highlights the need for collective action to deal with major societal challenges (at the 8th EMES Conference).

With this objective, the CollectiveKracht platform was launched in 2022. This is a web-based knowledge platform of and for citizen collectives from various sectors – from energy to housing, from care to food. Aim is to connect and help Dutch citizen collectives to develop resiliently and overcome obstacles together.

In addition to being a platform on which citizen collectives and other stakeholders can exchange knowledge, CollectieveKracht is a series of networks of collectives, umbrella organizations, financiers, civil servants, and scientists from universities and universities of applied sciences across the Netherlands, who are working on citizen collectives and community-based enterprises. Through the platform, interdisciplinary scientific research is done, results are shared with societal partners, and research tools are offered with which citizen collectives can examine their own organizations, learn, and work towards a more sustainable future. To visit the CollectiveKracht platform follow this link.

The platform was launched by the research group Social Enterprise and Institutions for Collective Action at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.