Prompted Rationality Symposium at the Welfare Improvement through Nudging Knowledge (WINK) conference

During the WINK conference on 19-20 June, 2019 in Utrecht (, psychologist Denise de Ridder, public administration scientist Lars Tummers, and industrial design scientist Caroline Hummels presented their new perspective on social nudging to engage citizens with the common good by making a call on their empathy with others that allows them to decide autonomously. The new perspective, highlighting affordances as the new underpinning concept of encouraging desirable choices in service of the common good, was very much welcomed by a multidisciplinary audience of about 70 people. The symposium also included the presentation of a dynamic nudge to encourage fruit consumption, which has been designed according to the principles of affordances, by PhD candidate Femke de Boer from the SelfRegulationLab on behalf of the Supreme Nudge consortium.