Call for a new iconic nudge

The Schiphol urinal fly is an iconic nudge ever since Thaler and Sunstein named it in their book Nudge (2008) as a prototypical subtle way to influence behavior without forbidding the alternative option: people seem to understand right away what nudges are about when they have been told about the fly. Unfortunately, the fly is no longer present at the men’s rest rooms at Schiphol and we believe that it is time to highlight other inspiring nudge examples. For that reason, we have installed the WINK New Fly Award that will be presented during the WINK conference in June. The award will be presented in a plenary session at the conference and featured in our mailing and social media communication.

Nominations of max 500 words for the WINK New Fly Award can be sent to the conference secretariat before May 15 if they meet the following criteria: a clear description of what the nudge is about and the target behavior (preferably with a picture of the nudge), where and when it has been used and on behalf of which party, as well as a (preliminary) evaluation of acceptance and effectiveness. Nominations will be considered by the Conference Organizing Committee. Nominations can be made by any party (researchers, government, private parties). Self-nominations are encouraged. You are also encouraged to share the call for nominations on social media.