Example Prompted Rationality

5 October 2018

Reflection session in Breaking Habits at KNAW

Breaking Habits

Friday October 5, a special reflection session on affordance and imagination was organized for a small group of members of various sections of The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The event took place at the Mondriaan Fund, in the work and meeting place Breaking Habits, which is co-developed by one of the organizers of this afternoon: Erik Rietveld, together with studio RAAAF. Breaking Habits is a diagonal landscape of affordances, which invites people to change positions and explore new diagonal standing postures and interactions. It acted during the afternoon as a scaffold for imagination, creativity, reflection and exchange. Caroline Hummels, one of our PIs, was a participant during the afternoon: It was a really inspiring afternoon and not in the least due to the environment. Breaking Habits invites regular physical change, thus stimulating the exchange of different perspectives. It reveals the power of affordances and beautifully showed me again the strength of prompted rationality.